Thermal Imaging Solutions in Houston

IT Switcher offers thermal imaging technology solutions to individuals to identify elevated temperatures. It implements screening protocols with quick and effective thermal readings to employees as well as visitors.

Fever Detection Solution

Non-Contact Based

Al-Based Screening

Prevents Chances of Cross Infection

Detect Elevated Body Temperature

IT switchers offer thermal imaging cameras and technology to watch the visitors in your building for the safety of your business and to monitor the health of your employee to make the informed decision about their health. So thermal imaging solutions are becoming more popular now than ever.

Temperature Reading

Individuals with elevated temperatures are identified and react in real-time. Screen all visitors entering your building and also employees with quick and effective thermal readings.

Detect temperature range display from safe to elevated

Detect elevated body temperature

Skin temperature from forehead region

Non-Contact Usage

Safely scans employees and visitors without direct contact with the device and avoids contaminations.

Social Distancing

Non-Contact Use

Attach to mobile device or tripod

Prevent the chance of cross-infection

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