Physical Security Solutions in Houston

IT Switcher Provides physical security solutions in Houston to protect borders, personal and key assets, citizens, and critical infrastructure Sentrillion provides advanced technology security solutions. It is a demanding application during operation at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and other government and commercial customers. Our integrated physical security solutions minimize costs, increase situational awareness and safety and also optimize manpower.

Enterprise-Class Physical Security Solutions

We assimilate the significance of comprehensive security management. Our network-based physical security solutions can be enforced across campus throughout an organization or nationwide. Our total security solutions include different features depending on your requirements:

Video and Audio Surveillance

Visitor Management

Intrusion Detection Systems

Barriers, Gates, Fences, Bollards, and Lighting

Network and Communications Platforms

Access Control System

Our proven professionals concentrate on every aspect of the project from design and construction to installation and maintenance to ensure that each solution delivers the most effective and better outcomes.

Cyber secure Technology

To ensure a balance between performance, cost, administration, and security protection each of our systems are cyber secure. We operate on the nation’s most trusted networks building on secure IT infrastructure including DHSs secure network.

Sentrillion is always ahead of technology innovation in addition to our dedication to cybersecurity. We help our customers take advantage of prominent technologies to cut costs, simplify operations and increase protection from biometric authentication and identification to the latest access-control system.

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We provide the best Physical Security Solutions in Houston, TX.

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