License Plate Recognition Camera

To track fleet vehicles or locate vehicles of interest for law enforcement License Plate Recognition makes it simple. Our technology provides easy integration and automates license plate reading into your current system.

Plate Management

Access Control

Threat Levels

Parking Solutions

License Plate Recognition Camera

The information of passing and still vehicles are captured by license plate recognition cameras regardless of weather, speed, and other factors. To alert the operators of any suspicious activity the data is recorded in the database.

Threat Level Management

Manage Watch Lists

Use License Plates as Credentials

Maximize Parking Efficiency

Parking Solutions

Accurate vehicle count, proactive data, and flexible parking guidance and analytics are provided by smart parking to optimize your parking operation through cloud technology.

Better User Experience

Utilize Real-Time and Historical Data

Card Counting

Cloud Management

Your all data is stored in the cloud and by using cloud technology you can track specific vehicles. To capture live and accurate information our cloud-based interfaces allow you to access your security system.

Automatic Updates

Stream Anytime, Anywhere

Centralized Dashboard for Secure Monitoring and Management

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