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Communications System fully equipped communications system, which allows you to communicate with your colleagues and customers – anywhere, anytime.

IT Switcher: Your Unified Communication Solution

Embrace seamless connectivity and collaboration with IT Switcher, a robust and comprehensive communications system designed to empower your business. Whether you’re connecting with colleagues or engaging with customers, IT Switcher provides the tools you need to stay connected and productive, anytime, anywhere.


  • Telephony: Access a unified communications system with web client and mobile apps for remote working, ensuring you’re always reachable.
  • Video Conferencing: Collaborate face-to-face with integrated video conferencing for up to 250 participants, fostering real-time connections.

  • Live Chat: Engage with customers in real time via your website or WhatsApp, providing prompt and personalized support.

  • SMS Messaging: Enable customers to interact with you instantly through SMS, offering an additional channel for convenient communication.

  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrate IT Switcher with popular CRMs and Microsoft 365, streamlining your workflow and consolidating data.

Experience Unparalleled Cost-Effectiveness and Flexibility

  • Save Significantly: Enjoy substantial savings on phone bills, add-ons, and hardware with IT Switcher’s cost-effective solutions.

  • Retain Existing Numbers: Maintain your current phone numbers and choose your preferred phones and providers for seamless integration.

  • Enhanced Security: Safeguard your data with IT Switcher’s advanced security features, ensuring protection against evolving threats.

  • Versatile Deployment: Install IT Switcher on-premise, in the cloud, or on a MiniPC, Hyper-V, VMware, or KVM environment for flexible deployment options.

  • Global Support: Receive comprehensive support from our dedicated team and the wider IT Switcher community, ensuring ongoing assistance.

Embrace the Future of Communication with IT Switcher

Sign up for a free trial of the fully equipped IT Switcher system and discover how it can transform your business communications. Our team is always available to provide a personalized demo and answer any questions you may have.

Unleash the Power of IT Switcher Apps & Features

Stay connected and productive with IT Switcher’s suite of mobile and desktop apps, ensuring you’re always in the loop, wherever you go. Additionally, customers can instantly reach you directly from your website through our integrated Live Chat and WhatsApp features.

IT Switcher Mobile Apps:

  • Make and take calls seamlessly from anywhere

  • Engage in real-time video conferencing

  • Send and receive instant messages for quick communication

  • Respond to WhatsApp messages promptly

  • Participate in conference calls for effective collaboration

  • Enjoy free VoIP calls with your smartphone

User-Friendly Web Client and Desktop Apps:

  • Work from anywhere with our multifunctional web app, packed with inclusive UC features

  • Initiate calls directly from your browser or control your IP phone or smartphone

  • Address customer inquiries through live chat, WhatsApp, and SMS from a single interface

  • Seamlessly launch video conferences with a single click

  • Utilize the native desktop app for making calls and managing communications efficiently

  • Directly launch calls from your CRM for streamlined workflows

  • Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365 for enhanced productivity

  • View the status of your colleagues and stay informed about team availability

IT Switcher Live Chat: Elevate Your Customer Communication

Engage in real-time chat with your website visitors, providing prompt and personalized support.

  • Create chat queues for efficient customer handling and prioritize inquiries effectively.

  • Respond to chats directly from your webclient or IT Switcher app, ensuring seamless communication.

  • Transfer chats to other team members for collaboration and shared problem-solving.

  • Elevate chats to calls or video conferences with a single click for in-depth interactions.

  • Access comprehensive chat reporting for valuable insights into customer engagement and support trends.

  • Leverage the chat monitoring feature to supervise team performance and provide coaching opportunities.

WhatsApp Integration: Streamline Customer Interactions

Manage WhatsApp messages seamlessly from a single platform for centralized control and organization.

  • Log all messages to ensure compliance with company policies and maintain transparency.

  • Eliminate the need for staff to share their personal WhatsApp numbers, protecting privacy and professionalism.

  • Maintain a centralized record of all chat conversations for easy reference and historical context.

  • Distribute WhatsApp messages among agents to balance workload and ensure timely responses.

Send & Receive Business SMS/MMS: Expand Your Communication Channels

Communicate with customers effectively through SMS or MMS, offering an additional channel for convenient interaction.

  • Route SMS messages to multiple agents to ensure every message is addressed promptly and no inquiry goes unnoticed.